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About Andy Sinclair

I have been fortunate enough to be the covers of fitness magazines, appear in blockbuster movies, appear on Harlequin Romance novels and live out my dream as a fitness model.

But as a kid?

I was skinny!

Growing up I was always an active kid, and sports were a big part of my life. I also started working at an early age in a family business were I quickly learned that hard work pays off.

But it was around the time I started high school that I quickly realized I was skinny – actually I was really skinny, especially at my height of 6’3”.  Anyone who had tried to put on muscle at that height knows ho hard it is. I won’t even tell you how much I weighed when I started. It’s far too embarrassing!

My pursuit of getting bigger and putting on some lean muscle began when I purchased a used weight set and started training in my basement, after my first workout I was hooked. It wasn’t long before I started to notice at least minor improvements.

I had no clue what I was doing but I loved the feeling of training, some days my mom would yell at me because I’d trek down to the basement 3 times in one day!  At 16 years old, I was getting bored of the basement home gym, so I decided to join a local gym so that I could be exposed to more equipment and hopefully learn the secrets to getting bigger!

However, the only thing I ended up learning at the gym was that no one had a clue how to get big.

After a few years I’d never felt so frustrated. I thought about giving up.

There is nothing worse than putting everything you’ve got into something and getting nothing out of it.

I tried everything from the latest supplements, to the workouts found in muscle magazines. I even resorted to copying the exercises that the bigger guys did in the gym.  Nothing was working!

It was during university that I became friends with a monster of a guy who I drilled questions at daily as to how he got so big.  Reluctantly, he finally shared his secret.  He gave me the name and number of his world-renowned strength and conditioning coach and told me, “He’ll teach you everything!”  My friend wasn’t lying. I hired his coach and started learning for myself.  With this cutting edge information at my fingertips, combined with my studies in health and nutrition my life literally changed overnight.  I quickly built the physique of my dreams and started learning all the tools and secrets to help others accomplish their goals.

My passion grew from personal fitness goals to that of helping others achieve theirs.  I started out by privately coaching/training guys and purposely kept my client list small as I had some other important business ventures to deal with at the time. Fast forward a few years, I finally have the time to help out more clients so I have opened up my doors to those that want an expert to help them achieve their goals!  To date I have helped hundreds of guys finally add muscle to their frame and literally change their life for the better.

I absolutely love the natural bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle and I will continue to practice what I preach until the day I die!


Yours in Fitness,

Andy Sinclair

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