The Truth on Sodium

Ask anyone in the western world about sodium or salt and chances are you will get a statement like; ‘it’s bad for you” and you should avoid and limit it in your diet.  However, “sodium” and “salt” are not the same things and a large portion of the population has been...

Food for Thought

Think about how you would like to eat for the rest of your life, now think about what is actually healthy and sustainable for you.  Do you tend to jump from one diet trend to one diet trend, that focuses and puts one macro-nutrient on a pedestal? That’s the thing...

The Warm Up Explained

Warming up before exercise is probably one of the most misunderstood and misapplied portions of the workout where so much time is wasted.  Taken from Scott Abels book: The Abel Approach: “The recommendation of doing 10 or so minutes of cardio to warm up has no basis...

Aerobic Cardio is Overrated for Fat Loss

Aerobic training or “cardio” as most people refer to it as, is not the best exercise for fat loss and in fact actually enhances your body’s fat storage mechanisms over time, say what!?   Yep that’s not a type-o, it does nothing to raise metabolism and the reality...

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